River Cleanup & Music Revival - 淨川音樂祭

The river cleanup was a great success! That river looks a lot cleaner now, especially close to town. It has been very moving to see many others showing concern and care for this beautiful environment and hope through Hopefest! Photos and more on our Facebbook page.

Our Mission

To raise consciousness in harmony and foster hope compassionately: May our actions set our spirits free. Hope is in our hands, you see.

The Higher Hopes Alliance (H-HA!)

The time has come to launch "The Higher Hopes Alliance". It will be largely inspired by Peacefest and Rainbow Gatherings, but also inspired directly by you. The purpose of this movement will be to inspire and engender HOPE in anyway we can. Thus we will take on such projects as river and beach cleanups, tree planting, charity service, etc. The sky is the limit. If you have an idea that may foster hope, please let us know.

A Friend in Need

Sean Kaiteri, one of the early PeaceFest pillars could use a helping hand. He broke his leg pretty badly. That lead to an even more severe MSRA infection. Together they've kept him out of work for three months and slapped a hefty hospital bill on his back to boot.

Check the Gofundme page his friends set up and who knows...You might even score a PeaceFest CD!

"You don't fight for peace. You peace for peace" (DAVID ICKE)

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